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  • Roof Safety Basics

    Before you get on the roof for that small DIY fix, you should be aware of the safety risks associated with roof projects. Review roof safety basics before beginning your next project.

    By May 28, 2017
  • How To Install Gutters

    The gutters and downspouts attached to your roof are two of the most important, yet most overlooked components of the home. Sadly, if either are improperly installed or damaged, you are left with a very large repair bill.

    By Oct 1, 2014
  • How To Clean Your Gutters

    Now firmly into the fall season, a homeowner chore you can’t ignore is gutter cleaning. Whether you see it or not, leaves and dirt are starting to pile up and failing to remove these natural elements can ruin your home’s foundation, damage your roof or even cause a leak in your home.

    By Nov 4, 2013
  • How to Measure Roof Pitch

    Finding out what the size of your roof is starts out with finding the roof pitch. "Pitch" refers to a roof’s incline.

    By Oct 21, 2013

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