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  • 6 Ideas For Creating An Inviting Courtyard

    Backyards are the best part of a home. See six ideas for creating an inviting courtyard & turn your patio into the secret garden you’ve always dreamed of.

    By Katie Carlson Apr 15, 2016
  • 13 Spring DIY Projects You Can Do

    Spring has sprung so we came up with some project inspirations that’ll help tune the house up whether you’re getting ready for the season or the big sale.

    By Apr 21, 2015
  • How To Plan For A New Fence

    Whether you are replacing an existing fence or enclosing your yard for the first time, it’s important to properly plan for your new fence installation. Read on to see what you should consider before jumping into your fencing project.

    By Apr 9, 2015
  • How To Build A Storage Shed

    We could all use extra space and a great way to add some storage without taking up valuable square footage within the home is by building an outdoor storage shed. Building a shed is a fun DIY project that any DIYer can accomplish.

    By Jan 19, 2015
  • 5 Signs You Are A Lazy DIY Landscaper

    Landscaping is supposed to be fun and give you an outlet for a relaxing afternoon alone or a fun activity with the kids. The second landscaping turns into an actual job, much like a career, the passion starts to take a turn for the worse.

    By Aug 11, 2014
  • How To Install A Sprinkler System

    A home’s curb appeal is quickly becoming a main focal point in any residence and a terrific way to maintain that “wow” factor outside the home is to install your own sprinkler system.

    By Jul 10, 2014
  • How To Build A Gazebo

    When you feel like your backyard is missing something, more often than, it’s a beautiful and functional addition that can make all the difference. Outdoor gazebos are the perfect solution and while the project is certainly no walk in the park, it can be done yourself.

    By Jul 10, 2014
  • How To Install A Fence

    While many homeowners may think fence installation is one of the easier DIY projects, it may not be as simple as you think.

    By May 15, 2014
  • 7 Easy DIY Landscaping Tips That Will Make Your Yard Stand Out

    When temperatures rise, it’s time to move the DIY work outside and your landscape should be the first project you tackle. The following 7 landscaping tips are so easy and quick, even those who dread it will get off the couch and enhance their curb appeal this summer.

    By May 15, 2014

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